At Helsinki, Oulu, Turku, Tampere and Vaasa airports there are check-in machines for quick check-in. Depending on the airline, passengers can do the check in using the machine, or at the check in desk where check-in and baggage handover are done at the same time by customer service personnel. Information about which airlines offer self check in possibility, is available under the title airlines. 

When using the self check in-machine, the passenger is first asked to perform identification. This can be done for example by using a passport or a booking reference. When you have been identified, follow the instructions the machine gives you for completing your check in. 

The machine will print out your boarding pass. When travelling with cargo hold luggage, the machine will also print out baggage tag(s).  Please attach the tag to the handle of your suitcase, backpack, golf bag or ski bag and proceed to your airline's bag drop machine or bag drop counter.

When you have checked in and dropped off your luggage, you can proceed to the security control.