All hand baggage must be placed on the security control line for x-ray scanning. Loose items must be placed on a plastic tray available at the line.

    Empty your pockets of keys, coins and other metal items.

    Take off your coat or jacket and any other metal items, including watches, belts and large pieces of jewellery. Often, heels of shoes also contain metal, so you can remove your shoes for scanning, if you wish.

    Remove tablets, laptops, power banks and other devices containing batteries from your bag. Small devices containing a button cell battery, such as car keys, can be left in the bag.

    Laptops and tablets must be removed from their bags. 

    Battery-powered hygiene products must be removed from the bag, but can be kept in their own protective cases or pouches.

    Remove from the bag all liquids, liquid medicines and baby food items. Review the packing instructions for liquids.

    Place all items removed from the bag on a plastic tray and place it on the scanning conveyor.

    Present your printed or electronic boarding pass to the security officer. At Helsinki Airport, you present your boarding pass to an e-gate boarding pass reader before entering the security control.

    Walk through the metal detector gate.