You can book your parking up to 6 months in advance, but no later than 2 hours before your arrival. The minimum reservation period is one day (24 h) and the maximum is 45 days. If you wish to reserve a longer period, please contact the parking customer service by calling +358 (0) 200 14636 or by sending a contact request on Finavia’s website. 

You can make a parking reservation on Finavia’s website. Select the parking time and zone and then fill out your contact details. After you have paid for your reservation, you'll receive a confirmation by email and as a text message. 

When you enter a parking area, the camera recognises your license plate number at the gate. If the entry gate does not open automatically, please contact customer service via call button on the entry gate. 

For Moovy app users, the parking will be displayed as normal parking in the app and the booking will only be confirmed upon exit.

Note that the parking pricing is based on a daily charge. The fee is charged according to full days, even if you would not park for a full day.